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Right: thumb-nail images of photographs taken by group members. Click these to see larger images with short descriptions of the organism.

Please note that all photographs are copyright the group member, and may not be displayed else-where without their expressed permission.


Porifera or sponges

Photo of a peacock worm.
Funnel sponge
Axinella sp

Cnidaria (hydrozoa) hydroids and their relatives

Photo of a peacock worm.
Corymorpha nutans
Photo of a plumose anemone.
Plumose anemone
Metridium senile
Photo of a moon jellyfish.
Moon jelly
Aurelia aurita
Photo of the tube anemone cerianthus.
Tube anemone
Cerianthus lloydii
Photo of a soft coral.
Soft coral
Alcyonium glomeratum
Photo of a phosphorescent sea pen.
Sea pen
Pennatula phosphorea.
Photo of a Dahlia anemone.
Dahlia anemone
Urticina felina.
Photo of Tubularia indivisa.
Sea fir
Tubularia indivisa.

Annelida or 'true' worms

Photo of a peacock worm.
Peacock worm
Sabella sp.
Photo of a fan worm.
Fan worm
Bispira volutacornis
Photo of a Serpulid worm.
Serpulid worm
Serpula vermicularis
Photo of a sea mouse.
Sea mouse
Aphrodita aculeata

Mollusca - slugs and snails and...

Photo of a dog whelk.
Buccinum undatum
Photo of a plumose anemone.
European cowrie
Trivia monacha
Photo of a blue rayed limpet.
Blue rayed limpet
Helcion sp.
Photo of a plumose anemone.
Queen scallop
Aequipecten opercularis
Photo of a Flame shell.
Flame shell
Limaria hians
Photo of a common cuttlefish.
Sepia officinalis
Photo of the eye of a curled octopus.
Curled octopus
Eledone cirrhosa
Photo of a sea slug.
Sea slug
Janolus cristatus
Photo of a common cuttlefish.
Sea slug
Aeolidia papillosa

Crustacea - animals with a hard, jointed exoskeleton

Squat lobster.
Squat lobster
Munida rugosa
Photo of a squat lobster.
Squat lobster
Galathea strigosa
Photo of a prawn.
Palaemon serratus
Photo of a velvet swimming crab.
Velvet fiddler
Necora puber

Echinodermata (echinoderms) - starfish and their relatives

Photo of a peacock worm.
Bloody Henry
Henricia oculata
Photo of a Astropecten irregularis.
A starfish
Astropecten irregularis


Subphylum Urochordata - the sea squirts

Photo of a sea squirt.
Sea squirt
Corella parallelogramma
Photo of a light-bulb seasquirt.
Light-bulb sea squirt
Clavelina lepadiformis
Football sea squirt.
Football sea squirt
Diazona violacea
Photo of a compound seasquirt - star squirt.
Star squirt
Botryllus sp.
Photo of a violet sea squirt.
Violet sea squirt
Botryllus sp.

Subphylum Euchordata (vertebrata) - animals with a backbone

Photo of a pipefish.
Syngnathus sp.
Photo of a dragonet.
Callionymus sp.
Photo of an angler fish.
Angler fish
Lophius piscatorius
Photo of a sea scorpion.
Sea scorpion
Taurulus bubalis
Photo of a dogfish.
Scyliorhinus sp.
Photo of a dragonet.
Parablennius gattorugine
Photo of a sea scorpion.
Cyclopterus lumpus

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