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Diving Roa Island: Estimating diving conditions in Morecambe Bay

The information on this page is provided without warranty of any kind: You must dive within your own competency, and assess conditions according to your ACOP and any insurance requirements.

Sea state summary (times are UTC)

Sea state report for Morecambe Bay at 2018-04-19 1002:

 Wave height 0.28m (0.05 kJ/m2) 215° and period 3.50s (λ/2=10m)
 Maximum recent sea occurred on 2018-04-17 with 1.64m high waves of period 4.40s

Sea state report for Cleveleys at 2018-04-19 1002:

 Wave height 0.35m (0.08 kJ/m2) 276° and period 3.30s (λ/2=8m)
 Maximum recent sea occurred on 2018-04-17 with 1.62m high waves of period 4.10s

⇒ Sea state data from local wave buoys are provided by the Channel Coast Observatory. More data is available.

We regret that historic Met Office data is not currently available.

⇒ River flow rates into Morecambe Bay are provided by the Environment Agency. More data is available.

Tidal information

Care using tidal data - some sources correct for daylight saving, others use UTC. Get local knowledge about slack water times and durations, there may be significant differences between your nearest port and your actual dive site, climatic conditions can also influence the tide...

  • Easytide - the UK Hydrographic Office provides free tide predictions for the next seven days (uses UTC times by default)
  • Mobile Geographics provides tidal predictions for the current year (uses daylight saving times).

You can help

We keep records in a useable state beyond the five day display, so if you dived in the area any time after 14th July 2013 (our record start date), do let us know the location and 'vis', and we can put your observations together to build a better predictor...

Current date and time 2018-04-19 11:54:00 UTC


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