Walney Walk Photos

We had an interesting walk today around Walney, with some great weather and light. Thanks Gordon for organising.

I couldn’t help but notice how much plastic rubbish there was though, hardly a meter without any. I didn’t think I was that old, but I can remember as a child when on a trip to the beach you didn’t see tons of plastic. In fact, like most children, I was a real beachcomber, picking up shells, dead crabs, rocks, bits of wood etc. I would have noticed.

Anyway, for anyone interested, I’ve put some pictures on my web pages here.

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  1. Linda Meek Says:

    I had forgotten how beautiful the area really was…thanks for the lovely photos. I was a keen member of the lancashire group and see that there are still familiar faces to be seen….kind regards to all

  2. Lancashire MCS Blog » Blog Archive » Walney Island Walk Says:

    […] An inch of snow greeted early risers in Lancaster on Saturday morning – but the weather held off with just a little wind-blown snow to add to the atmosphere on the walk. This was a repeat visit by the group to Walney – (last visited in summer 2009). […]

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